The Combination to treat the failure of the heart to predominate the blood and vessels due to blood stasis in the heart: Gui Zhi & Xie Bai

Gui Zhi (Cinnamomi Ramulus, Lauraceae, Cinnamomum cassia; cinnamon twig)



  • Warm Acrid Release Exterior


  • Heart, Lung, Bladder, Spleen
  • acrid, sweet, warm
  • Light and warm
  • Releases the muscle layer
  • Un blocks yang qi
  • Warms the middle

Xie Bai (Allii macrostemi Bulbus, Allium macrostemon; Chinese Garlic, Garlic Chives)



  • Regulate Qi


  • Acrid (disperse)
  • Bitter (dry damp)
  • Warm (dry damp)
  • Slippery (to benefit orifices)
  • Large Intestine, Lung, Stomach
  • Reaches into areas of congealed constrained to unbind, Warm, Drain & Benefit orifices
  • CONTRA: Not for Qi Xu or significant qi stagnation, weak stomach or intolerance to garlic and onions, Not too much if fever or yin deficiency
  • Unblocks the Yang Qi esp in chest
  • Disperses turbid phlegm
  • Warms the middle and disperses clumped qi


  • Chive Poem by Du Fu (759 AD)
    • Autumn day: Hermit Ruan sends thirty stalks of garlic chives: Hermit, within a brushwood fence; Bed upon bed of autumn vegetables surround the house, Even before my note arrived, you sent a full pack of dew-moist garlic chives. Stalks tied, greener than green; Heads bundled neatly as jade chopsticks. Old I am, weak in years, cold in joint and belly: Two stalks of warming flavor will sooth my woes.
  • Similar to Chinese Leek (Jiu Cai), but the leek only enters the blood to move qi and tonify the Kidney Yang. Xie Bai on the other hand unblocks cold stagnation and also lubricates the orifices.

The Combination of Gui Zhi & Xie Bai


  • Warm and activate the yang qi in the upper body

Combining Principals:

  • According the Mov't of Qi
    • Downward, but acting from the upper
  • According to Zang Fu Attribution
    • Lung, ST & SP respectively, Upper Jiao (HT & LU
  • According to Organ Preference
  • According to 5e relationship
    • Even distribution
  • According to Qi, Blood, Body Fluid & Essence
    • Moving qi to disseminate fluids
    • Regulate the Up and down movement
  • According to Body constitution of Patient
    • Not for weak patients
  • Nature of Disease

  • Location of Disease (int/ext; multiple organs involved)
    • Upper jiao symptoms. Starting in the Yang qi weakening, then Lung sxs, then Liver/GB sxs, then Heart sxs
  • Complexity of Disease

  • Various organs
  • Different pathologies at same time
  • Minimize side effects
  • Encourage patients to take herbs
    • This tastes really bad


  • Picture of Excess with underlying deficiency of yang in the chest
  • Chest, flank, or upper back pain,
  • dyspnea, cough, wheezing,
  • and stifling sensation in chest
    • Focal distention,
      • When yang of the chest is not properly animated, yin from below ursurps its place because yang isn't disseminating fluids especially not directing them downward to the lower burner. Instead they congeal and form phlegm which accumulates and obstructs the normal flow of qi.
      • Then the lungs are affected giving rise to cough, etc
      • The flushing of yin rebelling upward is felt in the flanks... liver and gallbladder area which are responsible for circulating qi and fluids from below to above then to the area around the heart
  • white greasy tounge coat
  • Submerged, wiry, or tight pulse
    • Pulse reflects obstruction in the chest and lack of animation of the yang


  • Gua Lou Xie Bai Gui Zhi Tang (Zhang Zhong Jing: Essentials of the Golden Cabinet)
  • Zhi Shi Xie Bai Gui Zhi Tang

    • Category: Promote the Movement of Qi
    • Unblocks the yang qi and disperses turbid phlegm (Cold Damp Bi in Chest)
    • Promotes dissemination and flow of the yang qi
    • Directs downward and break up clumping
    • Zhang Ji: "Feeble yang and wiry yin"
      • Chief:
        • Gua Lou to expel phlegm and unbind chest.
        • Xie Bai warms and thus unblocks the yang to promote the movement of qi and alleviate pain.
        • This combo disperses and unblocks
      • Deputies:
        • Zhi Shi: Directs downward breaks up clumping and gets rid of focal clumping and elimates fullness
        • Hou Po: Directs downward and eliminates fullness, dries damp, transforms phlegm
      • Assistant:
        • Gui Zhi: Unblocks the Yang, disperses cold, directs rebellious qi down, calms flushing

      • Warm drying and dispersing

Dr Liu's Notes: